Good Gravy, It’s GRE Day

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Image via CrunchBase

Well, today is the second time I’ll be taking the GRE. I’ve been trying for months, at my own pace, to do little things to improve my score from my last attempt. Of course that’s difficult to do since the grading score has been changed. I’ve gotten a GRE question emailed to me daily, followed Kaplan on facebook and twitter, and taken as many free practice tests as my little brain can handle. And here we are. Test day. I have a goal in mind for both the Verbal and Quantitative to apply to the Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences program at Virginia Tech. If I don’t get it…well, crap. BUT THERE’S NO TIME TO THINK LIKE THAT. If you recall my post about personal statements, I must convince myself that I AM AWESOME. Cause I am. Ridiculously awesome in fact. And, without fear, I FACE THIS TEST HEAD ON. I briefly considered making a Lord of the Rings reference there, but it is not this day! (ha. Did it anyway.) So, here we go. Wish me luck!