Alphabet Challenge :: L :: Lyme disease

English: National Lyme disease risk map with 4...

English: National Lyme disease risk map with 4 categories of risk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pitiful Posting and the Alphabet Challenge


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of a blacklegged tick carrying the bacteria Borrelia burgdoferi. The ticks pick up the disease when they bite a mouse or deer infected with B. burgdoferi. There are 3 stages of the disease:

  1. Early localized
  2. Early disseminated
  3. Late disseminated
Generally, an infected tick must be attached to a host body for 24-36 hours in order to transmit the disease. This is made easier by the fact that blacklegged ticks are extremely small. Lyme disease presents flu-like symptoms that may include:
  • Body-wide itching
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • General ill-feeling
  • Headache
  • Light-headedness or fainting
  • Muscle pain
  • Stiff neck
There may also be a bullseye rash at the site of the bite. Untreated, the disease can spread to the joints, heart and brain. Blood tests can be used to determine the presence of Lyme which can be treated with antibiotics. In later stages of the disease, I have seen pets come in to the vet hospital in such intense joint pain that they couldn’t bear to be touched.

Visit¬†Lyme disease – PubMed Health. if you’d like more information on the disease.


Pitiful Posting and the Alphabet Challenge

One of the great things about WordPress is the little calendar that shows you the days on which you’ve posted. One of the bad things about it is looking at that same calendar and seeing how sad and empty it looks. -_- To get myself back into the swing of posting, I’ve decided to start an Alphabet challenge. Hopefully I can kick-start myself into a blogging groove again with this. Below I’ll list each day, the letter, and as I pick my topic, I’ll come back here and add it. The one day that I probably won’t post on is June 8th. Blasted GRE. If I absolutely cannot find an animal or drug or something that follows the days letter, I’ll get creative.

June 4 – A – Antibodies

June 5 – B – Belgian Malinois

June 6 – C – Coral

June 7 – D – Dopamine

June 8 – GRE

June 11 – E – Elephant Shrew

June 12 – F – Flatworm Penis Fencing

June 13 – G – Grief

June 14 – Personal day

June 15 – H – Heart

June 18 – I – Indecisiveness

June 19 – J – Jerboa

June 20 – K – Kori Bustard

June 22 – L – Lyme disease

June 22 – M – Myopia and a Manatee

June 25 – N – Nervous System

June 26 – O – Olm

June 27 – P – Penguin Pics

June 28 – Q – Quoll

June 29 – R – Roadrunner

July 2 – S – Surinam Toad


July 6 – T – Two-toed Sloth

July 9 – U – Ural Owl

July 10 – V – Vaquita

July 11 – W – Wolverine

July 12 – X – Xoloitzcuintli

July 13 – Y – Yosemite Toad

July 16 – Z – Zany Life