SciAm :: Womens Risk of Reproductive Disease Linked to Environmental Estrogens

Womens Risk of Reproductive Disease Linked to Environmental Estrogens: Scientific American.


NatGeo :: Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering

Zebrafish glow green under the microscope.
Photographs courtesy University of Exeter

Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering.

Genetics truly are amazing. These fluorescent zebrafish are helping scientists discover the affect of pollutants in the tissues based on the presence of endocrine disruptors.

For now, the fluorescent technology is limited to fish younger than six days old, because their skin has yet to develop pigmentation that would interfere with observing the fluorescence.

“The next phase is breeding these fish with a strain that lacks pigment in the skin,” which would allow the team to observe the fluorescent reactions in adult fish as well, Tyler said.