Folded DNA becomes Trojan horse to attack cancer – life – 18 August 2012 – New Scientist

Folded DNA becomes Trojan horse to attack cancer – life – 18 August 2012 – New Scientist.



Firstly, today was my last day at work. Went alright. Lovely year at a lovely hospital where I learned a lot and met some of the sweetest people (and their pets!) who I will miss soooo much.


On July 24th, I got an email from the Graduate Program Coordinator at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Research and Graduate Studies. (Basically the Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences program at Tech). It listed a few questions but really said nothing of acceptance. I emailed back answering her questions and basically fell right to sleep. Bright and early the next morning, before my second double in a row, I got an email that…sort of said I was accepted, but that I needed to get in contact with a BMVS faculty member to act as my advisor and in whose lab I could do research. I had an idea of who I wanted. A lovely gentleman who guest lectured my Introductory Parasitology course in the fall of 2010 and happens to have this lovely parasite tattooed on his arm:

This little thing is giardia. I figure, if you’re hardcore enough to get this tat, you’re strange enough to jive well with my level of crazy. So, on July 25 I sent an email. And I waited. And waited. And started to freak out a little. Considered looking up another professor. Posted a sad status about how I wished he’d email me back. And wouldn’t ya know it, IT WORKED. Yesterday (August 3rd) I got the email that changed everything.

Hi Tiffany
Congratulations on being accepted. I am at the American Society of Veterinary Parasitologists meeting until Wednesday. Let me know when you can come and meet with me about my research program and my expectations.
David S. Lindsay, PhD
Short. Sweet. And enough to make me start crying. I also got an email from the grad program coordinator, again saying what I just learned, that he’d agreed to accept me into his lab. More crying. Ran in to tell my dad. Called my mom. Texted half a dozen of my closest friends. Freak out level to the max. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that I’d both get into the BMVS program (for which I retook the GRE) and also get into the lab of such an accomplished parasitology professor. Now I get to brush up on Toxoplasma gondii and a couple other gross things. SO EXCITED TO LEARN AGAIN! Soon, my stress will be more about how intense research is. Little scared about it. Knowing me, I’ll attack it and win. Looking forward to some big things.
Laides and gentleman, it is once again time…for the snoopy dance…
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