Break/VT Graduation, Hockey Depression, and Life

My poor little blog has been on hiatus for the last week, so, it’s naturally some sort of random update time.

I decided to take the lovely 4 hour drive to Blacksburg to have a bit of time with my Hokies and to see some of them graduate! Because I decided to leave in the middle of the week, I had to work like a crazy person for two days. No big deal. I do that 6 days a week.

Probably the COOLEST part of my week/weekend was seeing Michelle Obama give the commencement speech. For a little while leading up to it, my co-workers were teasing me about the speech “I” was going to give.

Might as well be twins.

She gave a beautiful speech. The most accurate part of it (totally not biased) was where she stated that people have a lot to learn from us. As a Hokie alum, I felt firsthand the love and support that one can find within the Hokie Nation. It is something everyone should experience. As expected, she covered the touchy subject of April 16, 2007 and did it perfectly.

Here’s the video of her commence address. She’s introduced by the super awesome President Steger of VT.

Perhaps my favorite part (18:38) –

When you all are out there in the world and you meet someone and you tell them that you’re from Virginia Tech and they say, “Huh. Isn’t that the school where –” I want you to interrupt them right there and say, “Yes. It is the school where we have some of the best academic programs and professors in the country. —

It is the school where students are passionate about serving their country and supporting each other.” —

You tell them, “Yes. It’s the school where we produce graduates who are leaders in their industries and pillars of their communities and who carry their Hokie Pride with them every day for the rest of their lives.” You say, “Yes. That is the school I attend. That, is Virginia Tech.”

Probably about as cool as her speech was this:

Touching the Hokie Stone on the way onto Worsham Field!

Oh, and Senator Mark Warner was there too. The only thing memorable was him reaching out with his inner Hokie to say that DANNY COALE CAUGHT THAT BALL! Whether, he meant it or not, he said it. And we all applauded like good little Hokies.

Aside from watching my doppleganger be such a beast, I had some time to let loose and release some of my frustrations. Working 3 jobs is hard. And by hard I mean almost impossible some days. Slowly, I could feel the need to find a release creeping up on me. Rebellion perhaps. Stress overload at its finest. Self destruct button blinking furiously in the background while worker drones in my weird sci-fi fantasy scream at each other about stability and crisis levels or something weird. Oh, the horrors, that one can find in an addled, overworked brain. With the help of my friends, I feel like stability has been reached. For now.

My frustration was exacerbated by Hockey Depression. Stupid, idiot Rangers. The Hockey Gods did not smile upon my beloved Capitals. Us Red Rockers surely all coped in interesting ways. Mine started with ragequitting so hard that I didn’t even bother changing into a real shirt from the tank top I was wearing under my jersey before I went out. Oopsy. Here’s too more hockey heartache and heartwarming next season!

Being back in the Burg made me wonder what the heck I’ll be doing next year. I’ve applied to a grad program. Yup. Just the one. I’m moving back to Bburg at the end of summer, so, of course it’s at Tech. Pending a good enough GRE score, I might apply to a second grad program. Ugh. Life hurts, people. “Blahblahblah little girl. You’re only 22. You’ve got a lot more time to go.” Yeah. I know. Whoop-de-do. Young or old, the future is scary. I’m just trying to make mine awesome. Or at least bearable. Optimism can be cool sometimes.

Perhaps my future will hold something magical. Maybe, like, another blog post some time this week that actually has to do with science…


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