The Perils of the Personal Statement

“I am awesome and I am qualified.”

That simple statement somehow needs to present itself in one to two pages based on your experiences and your life and your love of whatever the heck you’re applying for. For me, the prospect incites an emotional response that I can only characterize with the word “ugh”.

Personal Statements are the devil. I cannot for the life of me cohesively express how fantastic I am and how much the program would benefit from my acceptance. Not on Microsoft Word anyway.

If you’ve ever wanted to write an entire essay bragging about yourself, then personal statements are for you! “This is what I’ve done. This is how awesome it was. Even if it wasn’t totally awesome, here’s the awesome thing thing I got out of it. Did I mention how majestically awesome I am?” Everything you’ve ever done, whether in relation to your major or not must be AWESOME. If it’s not, what good is your acceptance going to be?

These essays are a minor peek into your life. A few minutes worth of read through is probably all that’s being given to the essay you may have slaved over, and forced people to revise. By “forced”, of course I mean asked politely. Because everyone wants to read them. Totally.

In part, you must also predict the future. We all know our plans aren’t set in stone but we must act as though they are. “Why, yes, OF COURSE I’m going to be on the research team that cures cancer. I saw it in my crystal ball last tuesday after I predicted the latest natural disaster.” You know you have potential. They assume you have potential. All that’s left is picking something to apply it to. And convincing the reader that you’ll be able to do it, of course.

I know I will be a vet one day. I don’t know how long it will take and I don’t really care. I WILL make it there. I’ll be damned if a mediocre personal statement is my downfall. So until I meet my goals, I will and learn as much as I can cram into my brain and continue to bug the living hell out of people to read my 1 to 2 page essay on how RIDICULOUSLY IMPRESSIVE I am. Cause really…I’m pretty awesome.



3 thoughts on “The Perils of the Personal Statement

  1. I recently wrote my personal statement for acceptance to a certificate program- basically I had to say why I want to be a doctor but what makes me so unique from everyone else, yet still try to get my point across that I am just as smart, etc.. It’s a very difficult thing to do. I had a blank sheet of paper staring at me for a month before I finally started freewriting. Good luck to you!!

    • Thanks! Same to you! I just sent one in for the Animal and Poultry Sciences Grad Program at Virginia Tech. Not sure how long it took me, but I had two people help me revise it. I’m hoping it’ll help me out when I have to re-apply for vet school.

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