Tonsil Function and my Battle for a Tonsillectomy

After all of this:

  • 7 doctor’s appointments since December 2010
  • 3 doctors, 2 at the same ENT practice
  • 2 types of antibiotics, 48 pills
  • 2 prednisone bursts, 30 pills

I have finally achieved victory! Tomorrow morning, I get to have the ever lovely tonsillectomy.  In my most recent visit to the ENT, the doctor noted that I’d only been there about a month and a half before that and FINALLY asked me if I was interested in a tonsillectomy.

When tonsils are functioning properly, they are a first line of defense against infection. As part of the lymphatic system, they release lymphocytes, and prevent respiratory and gastric infections. Tonsils trap bacteria on the way in to the body via the mouth and nose. Tonsil function in some areas of prevention can diminish as we age.


Now if you’re brave, or crazy, you can go ahead and watch this video of a tonsillectomy…that has a string arrangement of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song as the background…:


Between the vicodin, the anticipated pain and attempts to not watch or see anything that might have food in it, I’m not sure when my next post will be. During my recovery, I’ll be tracking my weight, pill/food intake and other things and probably trying to find something science-y to do with it. I have about 2 weeks off from work, even though I can technically return after one. Buh-bye tonsils. Let’s do this.




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