Silver Labrador Retriever

Cooper, a 20-week-old "silver" Labra...

Image via Wikipedia

Bet you didn’t even know this adorable lab existed. I sure didn’t. A silver lab puppy came in for X-rays late last week at the vet hospital and I got to help restrain the sweet little guy. I loooooved him aaaaaaand I got puppy kisses, which can fix a majority of life’s problems.

They don’t seem to be AKC members separate from the yellow, chocolate and black forms. According to, the AKC recognizes them as Chocolate.  Silver labs themselves have 3 color variations: “light silver, charcoal silver, and silver factored”(#2). The last of the variations simply means a silver lab was bred with a black, chocolate or yellow lab. The resulting puppies won’t have the silver color, but if bred to a silver or another silver factored, silver lab puppies can be born.

Deutsch: Weimaraner „Amigo“ mit Apfel.

Weimaraner - Image via Wikipedia

The appearance of the breed, color especially, may lead one to believe that a Weimaraner needed to be introduced into the blood line. Apparently this has been proven false though I’m not sure how exactly. Despite this, one of the vets wanted the cute little puppy to be monitored for panosteitis and HOD (Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy) which occur in Weimaraners. [These will probably be the topic of a post or two later.] Hopefully my little buddy stays healthy and some more silver labs come to visit!




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