The Power of Hokie Nation. RIP Officer Crouse pt.2

**$36,884.80 at the time of this post raised for Officer Crouse’s family.**

Hokies are beyond incredible.

As for the media outpouring, I hope that people will ignore the disgusting things said about my alma mater and focus on the love and support that the Hokies exhibit day after day. Yes, our luck has been quite poor of late, and one cannot help but wonder why this happened to us, but no words have been more true for Virginia Tech than “We will prevail”. Though we may cry and ache for the loss of those around us, we never fail to reach out a hand to those in need.

A HUGE shout-out to my friends Chris and Kevin for setting wheels in motion for a vigil for Officer Crouse. Proud does not begin to describe how I feel.

Here are just a couple of the pictures from Hokie Nation:

How God welcomes a fallen Hokie

The vigil for Officer Crouse

RIP Officer Crouse

(More pictures from the vigil can be found here.)

And lastly, this video absolutely made me cry. Hokie love is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. Now and forever proud to be a Hokie.

RIP Officer Crouse. You will forever embody the Hokie motto, Ut Prosim.

♥ neVer forgeT ♥



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