The Power of Hokie Nation. RIP Officer Crouse

We are Virginia Tech. We will prevail.

Yesterday, Virginia Tech was under the microscope yet again. It went from sounds of gun shots, to a suspect on the move, to an officer down, to an officer lost. Officer Deriek W. Crouse lost his life in service of the Hokies. We, as Hokies and human beings, can never give enough thanks for his bravery. The loss that his family must now endure is both tragic and unnecessary. What I wouldn’t give to hug his entire family and extend to them just a small portion of the support of Hokie Nation. Nothing will be enough to thank him for helping to keep my friends and Hokie family safe.

The actions of the Hokie community never cease to exceed my expectations. It helped to put a worry wart like myself just a little more at ease as they kept those on campus and off well-informed and aware of their condition. I will ALWAYS be proud to be a Hokie because of people like them.

“From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it. Virginia tech is more than a school.. It’s my home and family. Our campus does not deserve this heartbreak. neVer forgeT & pray for Virginia Tech. We will always prevail.”

Rest in peace Officer Crouse. You will always have the love of the Hokies, and your family will always have our support.

Tonight at 6:30pm, a vigil will be held in his honor by the 4/16 memorial. I will be there in spirit in support of the fallen Hokie.



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