Chinese Crested

Yesterday at work, I saw the cutest, weirdest mix of dog breeds. Chinese CrestedSchnauzer. Now, you’d think it’d be creepy, but he was sooooooo cute. Might have been the sweater he was wearing. He looked a little like this:

via Google search

He had a short little muzzle, furry legs, “hairlessness” in most of the classic Chinese Crested areas and a distinct Schnauzer look to his face. He was so cute it was stupid.

The Chinese Crested is part of the Toy group in the AKC and comes in Hairless:

via Google search

And Powderpuff:

via Google search

The breed is prone to skin issues for obvious reason so precautions must be taken. For breed standards see the AKC site.

To see the Dogs 101 video on the Chinese Crested click here. (I was unable to find it in good quality on youtube.) Fun facts of the video:

  • Have sweat glands (unlike most dogs)
  • Many allergic to wool
  • Used as a rat-ing dog
  • Teeth relate to hair quality



  1. AKC – Chinese Crested

One thought on “Chinese Crested

  1. I am a hairless variety Chinese Crested & I live in Tasmania, The puppy in the 1st photo is very cute. ,I didn’t know I had sweat glands, how about that!!! I don’t think I would like to go rat-ing though as I’m a spoilt dog who likes to relax around the house & I think the rats would be a bit scary….

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