Psychology Today :: Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol

A friend of mine retweeted this from @whereisthecool, so I figured, why not start the week off right…talking about alcohol.

Mirassou Moscato

Image by tjstaab via Flickr

Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol | Psychology Today.


– Intelligence measured in childhood (with several variables controlled) shows a correlation with how much an individual will drink in their adult life. Higher intelligence = more frequent drinking. (*warning* forcing alcohol down your throat, hoping it will make you smarter is NOT what this article is saying…I’m not responsible for your alcohol poisoning if you ignore that)

So, the next time, you see someone stumble out of a bar, and then face-plant in a blissful alcohol induced state, don’t be afraid to think, “Man, they could be some sort of genius”…but really just laugh at them…because, honestly it is pretty funny…


Anyone out there hungrythirsty?! Try some Deep Fried Beer! Happy Monday. ^_^



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