Milo’s Megacolon

X-ray of megacolon via

A cat named Milo was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday to investigate constipation and his lack of appetite for the previous 5 days. It turns out poor Milo has megacolon. “Megacolon is a term used to describe a very dilated, flabby, incompetent colon.  This usually occurs secondary to chronic constipation and retention of feces, but may be a congenital dysfunction.”(#1) The size of the colon will then make it more difficult to pass stool as it will be of larger diameter than its intended point of exit.

At this point, enemas, laxatives and other traditional methods of constipation relief would have done little for Milo. Surgery is the only real avenue for improving his quality of life. Unfortunately, the surgery requires a specialist and runs about $2000. The owners don’t have the necessary funds and Milo was scheduled for euthanasia Wednesday. For whatever reason, he was rescheduled for Thursday (I wasn’t at the hospital) and had been given an enema on Wednesday for a minor amount of relief. In terms of appetite, he was quite a fan of the a/d offered to him. One of the vet techs showed me his x-ray and it looks very similar to the one in the image above.

He was a very sweet cat while hanging out with us in treatment so I’m pretty sad that there’s nothing that we can really do for him. I just hope he makes some nice friends in kitty heaven.



  1. ACVS – Feline Megacolon

One thought on “Milo’s Megacolon

  1. A sad story and I’m sorry you have to deal with this type of thing.

    On the other hand, your line of work is very important and I’m glad that people like you have the fortitude to do it. Thanks for the commitment!

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