Light the Night Walk – The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

On Saturday, I went to the Light the Night walk for Lymphoma and Leukemia with a girlfriend of mine in support of Team Shawn. Shawn had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was my age, 22, when he lost his fight two years ago. I never knew him, but I was fortunate enough to meet his mother and some of his friends who came in support of him. At the walk, different colored balloons mean different things. They all have a little light fixture inside that flashes so that walkers can literally light up the night. When a gentleman came around to ask how many balloons we needed, Shawn’s mother said 15. When asked what color, she said gold, which is the color for those walking in memory of someone. The man said he’d never been asked for 15 gold balloons.

Unfortunately, it was raining and freezing out. My girlfriend and I suited up in spandex and under armour and grabbed some Starbucks and toughed it out for an incredible cause. There was still a pretty great turn out for the weather.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a blood cancer that affects white blood cells (lymphocytes). Age 15-35 and over 55 are the peak times to develop the cancer for whatever reason. They affect lymph nodes, which are found all over the body, and produce immune cells. There is quite a long list of symptoms for the disease. Prevention is difficult as the cause is either unknown or multifaceted. Treatment has been improving over the years, but of course, every patient is different. Hopefully, with more research effort, this type of cancer will be on the decline.

If you would like to donate to Light the Night on Shawn’s behalf, or anyone else’s, you can visit and search “Tiffany” “Rushin” or “Team Shawn”. Either Tiffany works (somehow I signed up twice).



  • Smudge and Symba’s sister Sookie got adopted last week! That just leaves Tara, also known as Terror to me, and the Fantastic Four will all have homes!
  • Someone is interested in Barkley!


Barkley 🙂
  •  VMCAS Deadline Countdown: NOW! Submitted everything this weekend! Stress procrastination you know…



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