The Autohaemorrhaging Horned Lizard

Desert horned lizard

Image via Wikipedia

– Scientific Classification –

The Horned Lizard (also known as the “horny toad“) is a species with an intense, and fairly disgusting, adaptation that aids its survival. The following video shows the more trivial spectrum of its self-preservation habits as displayed by a female horned lizard:

The following link shows the extremely interesting act of…well just watch it:

DID YOU WATCH IT?! HOW GROSS IS THAT?! So, the process of shooting blood from its eye (done by at least 4 species of horned lizard) is called autohaemorrhaging. Blood flow leaving the head is restricted leading to increased blood pressure around the eyes. This bursts tiny vessels, squirting blood up to 5 feet. The blood is not only alarming, but tastes foul to canines and felines. Moral of the story? If you don’t like blood, don’t threaten a horned lizard.


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