Stress, and the Art of Coping

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Stress is a word that can frequently be heard coming from my mouth lately. On top of the insanity that is working 6 days a week at 3 different jobs, I have to worry, not only about my family (pets included), but the VMCAS and the lovely things that come along with it (supplemental applications and weird forms). (because who uses real dictionaries anymore) defines stress as “mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension”. Believe me when I say I know a lot about those types of strain. Stress kills, people. It wears down our bodies and our minds until we just can’t handle it. I’ve always thought of myself as a strong person. Though I am not impervious to stress, I do my best to push through it until I can find some time to unwind. Take a drive, nap, snuggle with animals, do yoga, listen to music, talk (about something unrelated, maybe) until your face hurts, finally find a weekend to drive 4 hours and spend the whole time with people you miss A LOT (as I’ll be doing this weekend), or whatever you can do to escape.

Hans Selye is the endocrinologist responsible for applying the word “stress” in a biological sense (1930s). He broke stress down into eustress (stress enhances function) and distress (stress not resolved through adaptation). The General Adaptation Syndrome, helps define how the body reacts to stress. It has 3 stages: alarm, resistance, exhaustion.

  1. recognize stress –> adrenaline –> fight or flight
  2. cope or adapt (which can only last so long)
  3. resources depleted –> body no longer functions as normal –> possible illness (ulcer, depression, etc.) or long-term damage

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Every body deals with stress in its own way long before we decide to do something about it. The important part is not becoming overwhelmed (a difficult task in some cases). WebMD offers some help on stress management. When in doubt, snuggle with a friend.

Symba and Smudge


VMCAS Deadline Countdown: 11 days


3 thoughts on “Stress, and the Art of Coping

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