ARKive – Darwin’s fox (Pseudalopex fulvipes)

A male Darwin's fox in western coast of Chiloe...

Image via Wikipedia

This is a previous WWF species of the day. I like it because it’s a Darwin discovery and I’m a nerd like that.

ARKive Description:

Discovered by Charles Darwin during his voyage aboard the Beagle (3), Darwin’s fox is one of the smallest fox species in the world, with a stout frame, elongated body and short legs (2). The muzzle is small and thin and extends into a rather rounded forehead, and the tail is relatively short and bushy (2). The thick coat is a dark grizzled grey to almost black colour, with a distinctive rusty-red colour on the lower legs and around the ears(2) (4). The abdomen, chest, underside of the muzzle and the inside of the ears are a pale cream to white colour (4), and the tail is dark grey (2).

Be sure to check out more pictures of this critically endangered fox!

ARKive – Darwin’s fox videos, photos and facts – Pseudalopex fulvipes.


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