A Nervous Girl and the Vet School Application Process

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Here I sit, in the middle of the tedious task of entering aaaaaaaaaaaall of the courses I took during my four years of undergrad for my VMCAS. The entire application process is seriously nerve-wracking to me. I’m nervous about even hitting the save button. I chose not apply last year because I was so overwhelmed with school and had fallen a bit behind on what I needed to do. I’ve always been one to put a lot of responsibility on myself, be it with my own issues or some else’s, knowing I can handle it, but this time I was just…scared.

This summer, I took the GRE, and recently forced myself to set up a VMCAS account. I have ideas for 3 solid evaluators (the minimum requirement) and maybe a couple of others. I mustered all of my courage at work today and asked the owner of the vet hospital if he would be interested in being one of the evaluators and he said yes. ^_^ Now I’m waiting on 2 emails and need to make a decision if I want to creep closer to the 6 evaluator maximum.

I have a list of 4 vet schools to apply to and I may add a couple more if the mood strikes me…and if I have the money. Between the main application and the supplemental ones for particular colleges, I’m spending LOTS of money in fees. It’ll be worth it though if I can get my foot in the door. These fees don’t even include the money I’ll spend applying to graduate school (as a backup plan).

“Terror” doesn’t even begin to describe how this is making me feel. I’ve known since I was little that I wanted this for my life. I am passionate about animals like nobody’s business. I’ve brought home bunnies and frogs and toads and turtles and goodness knows what else. When I was little, my parent’s nickname for me was “Dr. Doolittle” and one of my best friends was a Border Collie. I credit Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as one of those life changing novels for me (and also a silly goal in the back of my mind 🙂 ).

My job as a kennel assistant has proven that be it vicious cats, squirmy dogs, or the random exotic, I have zero issue doing whatever needs to be done for them. (I’m not saying all cats are vicious, I just got in a tussle with a cranky Persian today). It is simply a reinforcement of my love of animals and pushing me harder to the direction of my goals.

Honestly, this post is more of a “hey girl get your act together” memo to myself. I know what I want. I know that if I try hard enough I can get it. I just have to get my butt in gear, hunker down, and get this monster application done by October 3rd at 1pm. Let the countdown begin! – 33 days


12 thoughts on “A Nervous Girl and the Vet School Application Process

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