My Time with Half of the Fantastic Four Kittens


So my job is AWESOME. I can take home kittens for the weekend?!?! Might be a bit different since I’m hoping like all hell that I can adopt them. Of the 4 gorgeous kittens, I chose the 2 males to come home.

The darker orange one (who I like to call “Smudge”) is my faaaaavorite because he’s just so beautiful. Super cuddly too.

His brother’s name is a work in progress. He’s a bit more hyper than Smudge and is usually the one to start play time between the two of them.

All four kittens are incredibly sweet. If I weren’t to keep the darkie with his rambunctious brother, I’d totally match him up with the tortoiseshell, who I call “Princess”. Currently, one boy is curled up on top of the carrier and the other at my feet. Both are purring. Adorable.

As soon as I got home, my sister helped me bring all the stuff in. Of course she just let them out of the carrier without asking -_- so I had to shoo them back in and carry them upstairs to set them up in my bathroom. As I rounded the stairs to the middle floor, my curious little dog darted around just a tad too fast. She scared the kittens and the lighter one even hissed at her. Oddly enough when not being held, he won’t really hiss. My dog decided that, though he’s smaller, she wants nothing to do with the kitten, and pads away. Once in the bathroom, they explored EVERYTHING, prompting me to wonder why I hadn’t “kitten proofed” anything the night before. Little “Smudge” decided to take after his brother and explore the sink and bat a few things around. Brave little things even hopped up into the tub. I expect them to be super duper tired for a little while, but soon I get to move them into my room to hang out (and destroy things). Maybe we’ll even take a little cat nap together. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “My Time with Half of the Fantastic Four Kittens

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