Semi Hectic Day for a Very Happy Girl

Fitting with my random life, this post is a bit unorthodox. I don’t really blog solely about my day, but I had no internet access last night and limited time to get a post ready for today.

So, I work 3 jobs; I nanny 1 or 2 days a week, I’m an office assistant at an auto repair place and a kennel assistant at a vet hospital. My job in the kennel isn’t just restricted to a small space. I am quite literally all over the hospital. I love my jobs, and I love helping people so I don’t quite feel overstretched yet. I worked at the auto place this morning, had a bit of a break to hang out with the dogs and ferrets I’m pet sitting this weekend and then grabbed my lovely bearded dragon and headed out to the open house at the vet hospital. I gave some tours (learning more about the hospital in the process), met a couple vets, met LOTS of clients, my parents came and cracked jokes like normal and I got a free bottle of wine. I got tons of “thank you”s for the tour and all kinds of praise for what I saw as part of my job. I got to watch the incredible owner of the hospital choke up as we toasted to him and his great accomplishment that, though still a work in progress, has been extremely appreciated by all of his clients as well as the staff.

And tonight is when it REALLY hit me how happy and lucky and downright blessed I am to work, not only in a gorgeous new building, but with people who have so much love for animals, under the direction of a man with enough passion for his job and the community to reach a level like this. Even on the tough days where I ache, I’m exhausted and feel like I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted, the next day at the hospital more than makes me sure that the veterinary field is where I belong. It is made even better knowing that everyone at the hospital is so great. The most important thing for us is team cohesiveness and we’re well on our way to ironing out the kinks of the huge new space.

Monday, bright and early, it’s back to the hospital! Barking dogs. Yowling cats. Surgeries. Adorable kittens. Towel folding. Cage cleaning. Pet snuggling. Best job ever. 🙂


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