An Old English Sheepdog and Vestibular Syndrome

Old English Sheepdog-Nana

Image via Wikipedia

An Old English Sheepdog was brought to the vet hospital I work at unable to walk and displaying the slightly alarming behavior of a tilted head. She had to be brought in via stretcher but seemed to have some control of her front legs more so than the back. She took food and water well when offered to her later on. Upon being briefed on patients by the head doctor, I learned the dog’s condition is called vestibular syndrome. The condition is more common in older dogs but can occur amongst the middle-aged. “The problem seems to be due to inflammation in the nerves connecting the inner ear to the cerebellum (which controls balance and spatial orientation).” [see link below] There can be sudden onset that can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Some dogs even have nystagmus present, as she did, which is a rapid eye movement. At this time there is no treatment and the condition is often confused with others that may be the result of damage to the cerebellum or inner ear. Hopefully our patient’s condition only lasts a few days.

Read more: Vestibular Syndrome – VetInfo


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